About Us

STMNT Threads is a Houston based brand owned by Markila Caldwell. At an early age you would find her putting together outfits three or four times a day. It was then that she declared her dream job as a fashion designer and through the years she continued to jump into several creative projects. In recent years, these creative projects have sprout into business opportunities.


In 2017, Markila started to provide custom t-shirt services for family and friends. Through word of mouth and social media, her business grew and has now expanded its customer base to individuals, organizations, and small businesses. Though she enjoyed making t-shirts, she wanted to dig deeper into her creativity so she picked up a sewing machine and started to learn how to sew. In 2018, she created her first sustainable, repurposed look to be featured in a fashion show. In 2019, she participated in her university’s FMA fashion show and created a 100% sustainable collection. Markila is still learning and challenging herself to master the art of fashion, design, and sewing. 


STMNT Threads was created to offer ready to wear and custom clothing. We are fully capable of creating the right statement piece just for you. For special orders, head over to the Custom Orders page to see other products offered or send an inquiry on the Contact us page.